1.2 – Recap

11 Dec

This chapter was excellent. We’ve got a clock ticking for our hero, some unresolved plot threads to explore surrounding the orphanage and his gang, and some fun name games to play around the quartet’s project names.

Lillian, notably, is not a project – and also the only one of them able to tinker. Perhaps the tinkering ability is more widespread than I thought, but there’s an innate limitation stopping these non-voltaic constructs from accessing its potential? Especially intriguing if it’s a block that Sy (or another project) can learn to circumvent and possibly gain an entirely new perspective on the field than a merely mortal human.

I’m curious what drives the derivation of these expiration dates, and the accuracy thereof. On the one hand it could just be a timer Old Man Hayle has set before he throws them in the trash bin and starts on the next batch, but more likely I feel it’s some innate limitation he’s run up against in the brain that rejects his tinkering and causes his subjects to go gibbering into the void.

I can’t identify any obvious mention of the primary antagonists of the story just yet. Hayle will possibly feature early on, we’ve got the Radham Academy, and Hayle’s coworkers designing weapons to be used against some unnamed, implicit need. Fun.

Sounds like Twig average chapter length is about 5k words (a manageable sum by parahumans standards!) This chapter took about 2 hours with plenty of snack breaks and other distractions, so it’s probably possible to shave it down to closer to an hour with practice. With over 300 chapters to go, this’ll likely be the better part of a year or well past one before I complete it, so get ready to see 2020 coming up or in the recent rearview mirror by the time you get to share all of your spoilery goodness with me.

I’ve got to snatch a couple hours of sleep before work today, and have a work team event scheduled through midnight tonight, so it’s unlikely that I get another chapter in today. See you Wednesday, perhaps :). As these first couple arcs shake out I hope to suss out a proper schedule (and perhaps backlog?) for y’all. Night!


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