1.3 – Recap

12 Dec

Alright, real quick:

  • Sy begins in media res post-appointment with unnamed academy doc, who has done unmentioned damage to his brain that causes lasting physical pain. He’s understandably irritable and is lashing out with physical violence and proto-schemes in seemingly ineffectual ways at his surroundings while he is contained in his cell.
  • I’m curious who the new student who’s going to join Lacey and the others in overseeing Sy will be.
  • The Academy and Lambsbridge staff are full of soulless automatons without a shred of a moral core that conduct experiments on children or as good as such.
  • Mr. Hayle poses a job for Sy to help his team with. This proves to be the perfect carrot to get Sy to refocus his attention on productive ends.
  • Sy tears Lacey a new one as he calls out her self-serving hypocrisy.
  • There are a bunch of kids murdering their prominent family members stemming from Mothmont ladder school, which Sy and his gang are infiltrating to a degree to root out the perpetrators.
  • Only problem: the perps have already figured out the gang’s identities, and they are none the wiser to the reverse.

Not sure I have much to say thematically that wasn’t covered in the chapter, so we’ll close off here for now. Still intend for tomorrow to be a chapter day, so tune in then for 1.4 :).


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