12 Dec

Alright, I know I said I’d skip tonight, but I’m just excited to read more Twig. My team event was a blast, and I may be less than perfectly sober, but so long as my spelling and grammar don’t take a complete dive, then I feel ready to forge forward into more delicious tinkering.

Today’s Ward chapter (10.y) is super interesting in light of last Twig chapter, so stay away if you’re concerned about Ward spoilers.

I feel like there are a ton of surface parallels between Sy / the projects and Chris:

  • Creator’s motivations
    • Chris: A form of immortality
    • Sy/Projects: I’m not yet sure of Hayle’s motivations in creating them. His coworkers created similar projects as weapons, but he seemed to differentiate himself from them.
  • Ephemerality
    • Chris’ body was built to grow, not to last. I’m not sure if touching Panacea has fixed him completely there, but I can’t imagine there’s a biological flaw she can’t fix there. I presume that’s solved for him?
    • Sy is just now understanding his time horizon, and we’ve yet to see any schemes he’ll undertake on trying to wrest his own destiny back.
  • Directives
    • Chris is tragically thrust into the narrative here by his fourth overriding directive. Whatever he does, it’s got to be big – and he’s okay with that directive, so barring Panacea futzing with his brain (unlikely) to remove it, we’ll likely see him keep this limitation up through at least his character arc climax, if not straight through any denouement he might have.
    • Sy likewise has been built for a purpose (and this inquisitive, sneaky, calculating plan he created is evidently EXACTLY leading into that purpose)
  • Personality
    • Both are (presumably) sneaky bastards, and they both didn’t have much of a choice in ending up that way – Chris a replica, and Sy designed.

In any case, it’s time to jump into Chapter 1.3 while I sober up a bit :).


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