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22 May

Let’s dovetail immediately into 4.7. I need to see them try to catch Fray in a web before realizing they are ensnared themselves~

Chapter 4.7



22 May

I’m not 100% confident that Fray didn’t swap their pills, but I’ll trust protagonist instinct for now. Sounds like the Lambs are still on the hunt for Fray herself, but they’re sending back valuable word to the Academy in the meantime.

Chapter 4.6


15 May

After sobbing that I didn’t understand Sy clinging to the Academy in the face of the potential answers Fray offers, I was asked:

  • Do you think Sy understands?
  • Does Fray?
  • Do any of the Lambs?
  • Does Hayle?

While this is obviously a dystopia in a variety of ways, fundamentally I’m unclear on _what_ Sy has hope in the Academy for – what it’ll make ‘better’.

There are indications he’s thinking on the scope of humanity, but I’m unsure if he’s concerned about abstract forces like death, entropy (hi Entities), war, etc., or if there’s some more concrete, nebulous force working against humanity that I haven’t been made aware of yet.

Alternatively, he could be pretending to care about humanity, but really (and understandably) his concern is closer to home – whatever threat he perceives affects his fellow Lambs, and he thinks the Academy will be better positioned to address it.

Whatever the case, Fray does understand as she accepts his answer at face value, and knows that she won’t be able to sway him.

In terms of the other Lambs, I can’t really begin to guess without understanding Sy’s objection myself. Is it something Jamie could reason about? Mary could understand on an instinctual level? That Helen could perceive with her other-ness? That Lillian could wield Academy knowledge to divine? Of all of them I think Gordon is the one least likely to have a unique reason to understand but I’m speaking so abstractly at this point that I don’t really know what I’m saying

Sy specifically calls out Hayle’s work as the bastion of his faith in the Academy, but I don’t know if that’s intentional or derivative

Unsure if that really answers the questions, but it’s good to mull on for now. In the meantime, we will see if 4.5 can mend my shattered heart :(.

Chapter 4.5


14 May

I am more hype for this conversation than any chapter so far. Jumping in.

Chapter 4.4


13 May

I am super hype to see how the showdown between Genevieve and the Lambs goes. For the second arc in a row I’m going to predict that the antagonist obtains leverage over the Lambs that allows them to seduce them away from the Academy – just last arc, I figured that would be charisma, and this arc Genevieve has already succeeded in literally holding their lives in her hands. Barring some faster-than-train communication and then delivery system (though I’m making no assumptions on that front yet), there seems to be no alternative to them obtaining their pills except from Genevieve by submission, force, or guile. Almost certainly not the second, but I wouldn’t put anything past Sy at this point for the third!

Chapter 4.3


23 Apr

Gordon wants to go recruiting, eh? I’m not quite sure what that means yet!

Chapter 4.2