Arc Review – Lips Sealed

22 Apr

Damn, time flies. I suspect y’all are less interested in the reasons behind a two month hiatus as opposed to simply the fact that it is ending. I am excited to hop back into this saddle.

That being said, I’ve been trying my hand at this liveread for 4 months and I’m only like 10% of the way through Twig. With kids potentially on the horizon for me, I’m not sure that this is going to be a sustainable pace, so I’m going to try to cut back on the amount of prep I do for this and just read and react. It’s not a coincidence that each time there’s a sizeable gap in my posts is circling an arc review time or the like. That being said, I am hype at this point in the story for Genevieve.

HOLY SHIT, SHE GONNA SAVE THE LAMBS…like I thought Shepherd might, once upon a time .I’m going to laugh if this turns into all of the Lambs’ prior antagonists turning into their allies. Percy, Shepherd, Sub Rosa, now Genevieve (who can unlock their ability to betray the Academy via obviating their need for that chemical). I wonder if a Lamb will defect back to the Academy though? Not Jamie.

It’s super telling of her character that she makes sure Warren gets his revenge while that’s still possible. I’m unsure if it’s simply pity that motivates her to go out of her way for him, or if it’s ‘payment’ for the ‘help’ he’s going to provide her :s]



27 Feb

Ah ha! The interlude (still Enemy) was correctly next. I think it’d be neat if the incoming Duke is the PoV of this interlude to make it even more blatantly obvious that the Academy is the real enemy, but I won’t be surprised if it’s Sub Rosa or someone intimately tied to her that will give us sufficient additional context on her character arc while pulling double duty in some other way. Let’s find out!

Chapter 3.Enemy


27 Feb

Possibly time for denouement, I expect we’ll mostly focus on Jamie’s health and the consequences he’ll suffer from his encounter with Sub Rosa. In copying this chapter over I saw something about having a sister in the final line (boo unintentional spoilers), so I’m also expecting an Evette reveal at the end, which should move us into 3.Enemy (_possibly_ Sub Rosa flashbacks and her sitting in a stomach, but can also see a side character being fleshed out at this point).

I can’t wait any longer to find out if Jamie will be mostly ok, so Chapter 3.10!


27 Feb

Sy isn’t willing to let Jamie let a little thing like the relative fragility of the Lambs get in the way of a good plan, so downward we plunge!

Wait, Sub Rosa has seen us!

After officially predicting ‘the Lambs will foil Sub Rosa’s immediate plans, but she is able to effect a change that contributes to a later clusterfuck involving the buried superweapon’, time to move on to Chapter 3.9!


27 Feb

Having survived my snowy vacation, I return to the realm of the Lambs!

Last we saw our gang, Helen had succeeded on her Intimidate check against the skin slicers (not to mention against the Lambs’ accompanying allies), Sub Rosa had upgraded herself by melding a convict’s flesh into herself, and we learned that Sy is immune to foreign agents through successive exposure, largely through the rest of the party succumbing to the sedatives. We got more insight on Jamie’s altered physiology, and backstory on Sub Rosa from Gladys (though in particular I’m not clear on how it relates to her endangering the creation of the Lambs). Now that it’s just Sy, Jamie, and Helen, time to see what raw ingenuity (with only Helen’s bag of tricks to aid execution) can accomplish.

Chapter 3.8

3.7 – !Recap

12 Feb

Howdy! I’ve gotten some feedback that the recap posts aren’t really worthwhile, and they’re my least favorite ones to write. I’ll be skipping them from now on (and just moving any relevant discussions I wanted to have into the start of next chapter post). In terms of knowing when I’ve finished a chapter if you don’t want to crawl along with me at my pace, I’ll start each chapter with an IN PROGRESS note that I’ll remove on completion. Thanks for reading, and see ya for 3.8!


12 Feb

Taylor and her swarm, a hog, voltaic convicts, a questionably useful ally, and the previous architect of this entire subterranean torture complex are all hot on the heels of the Lambs. What secrets will the gang unearth in their flight?

Chapter 3.7